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PostSubject: Doctrine   Doctrine Icon_minitimeWed Jan 14, 2009 7:49 pm

For those of you out there that want to know THE TRUTH and The True Doctrine in the Bible as set down by THE ALMIGHTY YAH. Here it is I'm sure you won't find it in any Church out there, but if anyone does please let me know, as I would be most interested in talking to that group of people.

I have spent 17 years on a path of knowledge and learning, I have been to the other side of the world and back again, I have traveled to other country's and met many different people with different doctrines. I have met many mala fide or insincere people on my journey and a few genuine ones. With lots of prayers and late night study and the refusal to give up and not accept that I know everything there is to know but by humbling myself, wisdom has been given me HALLIUYAH.

So I bestow on the genuine believers THE DOCTRINE of YAH.
I suggest that people group in their houses together, you can even choose yourselves leaders or one may lead and gather people together for the purpose of Assembly, especially on the Sabbath and for Bible study.

I shall add the Bible verses that go with The Doctrine and all relevant material, in due course.

Doctrine of Beliefs
* We believe in YAH as the Father.
* We believe YAH sent his son Yahshua to die for us in middle of the week (Wednesday) and resurrected on the Sabbath day.
* We have to obey The Ten Commandments and all the Commandments especially keeping the Sabbath Day and the Laws of clean & unclean food as set down by YAH.
* The Law of circumcision is replaced by baptism and animal sacrifices are replaced by The Messiah being the real Passover sacrifice for all.
* We keep the feast days as listed, (1) Feast of Unleavened Bread and on the first day of Unleavened Bread at the beginning at sunset we take our Passover meal and on the seventh day an Holy convocation. (2) Last Day of Unleavened Bread. (3) Feast of Pentecost which takes place fifty days after the Passover meal. (4) Feast of Trumpets. (5) Day of Atonement. (6) Feast of Tabernacles (7) The Last Great Day. Which are the High Sabbaths of YAH.*
* We believe in keeping New Moon Sabbaths, which are the first day of the months as set down by YAH.
* A New Moon is the first crescent moon as sighted at sunset from Jerusalem, Israel.
* On the fourteenth day of each month is a full moon and knowing the published time of the full moon in Jerusalem, Israel can be used to help calculate when The New Moon Day will be by counting backwards.
* The first month of the year, the month of Abib is the month of green ears of barley in the fields of Israel. Abib or Aviv means green ears. If in the twelfth month Aviv is sighted in the fields of Israel then the next sighted New Moon is the start of the first month. If no Aviv is sighted then we have thirteen months that year.
* We believe in baptism, which is full immersion in water in a River, Lake or Sea. We baptise in the name of Yahshua.
* Before someone is baptised he or she should be fully trained in the doctrine and should show that they can walk in The Way of Yahshua and should be an adult of sound mind.
* A person with more than one wife cannot be baptised.
* The Passover must be kept on the 15th of Abib, in a building you choose. We must stay in the building from sunset to sunrise without sleeping.
* The Passover must be taken with unleavened bread and red wine.(Passover wine from Israel is over 12% proof and our wine should be at least the same strength).
* You can only take Passover if you have been baptised. (If someone is not baptised they can still attend the Passover night).
* The most senior Pastor washes the feet of everybody in the congregation at Passover, if it’s a large congregation then an elder can assist in the washing of feet.
* Pastors and Elders must have one wife only.
* If you divorce then you cannot remarry unless your divorced husband or wife has passed away.
* All congregations will be called The Congregation of YAH at (The place where they meet, for example The Congregation of YAH at Corinth).

* The Dates of The Feasts.....

1. The First Day of Unleavened Bread which falls on 15th day of Abib, the first month in the Holy Year.
2. The Last Day of Unleavened Bread which falls on 21st day of Abib.
3. The Feast of First Fruits (Pentecost) which occurs 50 days after the Passover Sabbath.
4. The Feast of Trumpets which falls on the 1st Ethanim (the 7th month)
5. The Fast of Atonement which falls on the 10th Ethanim.
6. The Feast of Tabernacles which falls on the 15th Ethanim.
7. The Last Great Day which falls on the 22nd Ethanim.

These are the feasts we keep and the times according to the Biblical months.
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