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 Nyal flu tablets pulled from shelves after allergic reactions

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PostSubject: Nyal flu tablets pulled from shelves after allergic reactions   Tue Jan 13, 2009 12:54 pm

Nyal flu tablets pulled from shelves after allergic reactions
By Danny Rose
December 19, 2008 06:06pm

A SPATE of serious allergic reactions has sparked the Australia-wide recall of two types of cold and flu tablets.

All packets of Nyal Cold & Flu Fighter, and Nyal Cold & Flu Fighter Day & Night, will be pulled from pharmacy shelves today.

People who have packets of the drugs in their home medical cabinets have been advised to return them for a full refund.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals Australasia says the withdrawal of the over-the-counter drugs is voluntary.

It's been prompted by a "small number of serious allergic reactions" linked to the tablets over the past year, the company says in a statement.

People have reported experiencing temporary swelling around the throat, breathing difficulties or rashes.

"The company is withdrawing the products even though few people would be using them outside the flu season," Valeant's Australian general manager Stewart Fairbairn says in the statement.

"We're still investigating possible causes but we decided to act quickly and decisively and not to wait for test results."

Mr Fairbairn says the recall applies to all batches and expiry dates of the drugs - sold in 24-tablet packets - and no other Nyal products are affected.

"People should return the recalled products to the point-of-sale for a full refund and if they used one recently and have concerns, they should consult their doctor," Mr Fairbairn says.

"Customers can also return product direct to Valeant."

The company is working with the Therapeutic Goods Administration to undertake the recall.

"We will reformulate the products and ensure they're in supply as soon as possible," Mr Fairbairn says.

Anyone with concerns can call a Valeant customer service line on 1800 630 056.,27574,24824189-29277,00.html
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Nyal flu tablets pulled from shelves after allergic reactions
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